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Foster Care & Adoption Network
Periodically, there is no realistic way a homeless or stray cat can be returned to where it is found after it is spayed/neutered/vaccinated.  FCR will then accept it into our foster network, if we have room to adequately house it.  Through close contact in the foster home, volunteers assess its health & personality, then work to find it a suitable new home, whether as a working cat, or companion pet.

From 2007 to 2015, FCR has placed over 350 feral or stray cats.
Why, Where & How We Do It?
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Adoptable Kitties
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Jewel ~ 3 years old ~ Neutered Male ~ Shy at first, then extremely affectionate!Meeps ~ 3 years old ~ Neutered Male.  Not sure whether he's coming or going, Meeps is looking for some reliable stability in his life, so he can figure out where he fits in.  Sweet, quiet, timid.Barn Cats ~ We work for food!  We'll rid your barn of mice if you give us food, water, and shelter. All genders, long and short haired available.Panda Bear ~ 3 years old ~ Neutered Male.  Panda is really a Siamese X, even though he has none of the coloring. He has the meow and is extremely smart. Panda is looking for a dog and child-free home.